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(Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)
  • The Cambridge University CELTA course is the most widely recognised and accepted TESOL certificate.
  • CELTA gives you the skills you need to get teaching jobs all over the world.
  • Taking the Cambridge University CELTA course means you’ll have the most sought after certificate which will help open doors.
  • Over 10,000 people take a CELTA course every year.

Why Take CELTA at Shakespeare School

CELTA Courses in Bucharest

Shakespeare School, the first Cambridge approved centre in Romania to run CELTA courses invites you to Bucharest in 2020.
Come to Romania to attend the CELTA courses and gain the opportunity to become a certified CELTA teacher.

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Succesful Training Experience

Your CELTA training experience in Bucharest, Romania will offer you the chance to discover a new culture and connect with global educators.
This enriching experience will help you bring life to your classroom, school and community.

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SHAKESPEARE SCHOOL invites you to attend CELTA COURSES in BUCHAREST in 2020, available for EARLY BIRD BENEFITS.
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Cambridge University
All Cambridge CELTA certificates are accredited by the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University is the second oldest university in the English speaking world and is considered among the most prestigious universities in the world.

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In-Classroom Experience

What kind of teacher do you want to be?
Read the two case studies and reflect on how essential the CELTA in-classroom teaching component really is. The Cambridge CELTA course will give you thorough training, as well as a sound foundation for future growth!
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Student Volunteers

As part of the Cambridge CELTA certification programme, Shakespeare School needs volunteer students to attend free English lessons delivered by our student teachers.
These free English classes are organised starting from the elementary to upper intermediate levels.
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What our students say:

…CELTA training is the gold standard!

“I honestly can’t imagine teaching without the knowledge I’ve gained through the CELTA training. The trainers were so accessible and patient. You’ll have your work cut out for you, but the course might just be the most rewarding weeks of your life! You’ll learn practical, hands-on strategies for teaching that you’ll be able to implement immediately. There are a lot of TEFL courses on the market, but CELTA training is the gold standard!”

Ramona Ivan, Romania

…the CELTA training … changed my attitude

“With the CELTA training, not only did I learn the teaching techniques necessary to be a competent teacher, but in addition it also changed my attitude towards teaching and learning. Before studying the CELTA, I didn’t like receiving criticism from others, but now I recognise that this is part of becoming a great teacher. I would definitely recommend this programme to others, but with the understanding that it is very intensive and rigorous ”

David L., Wales

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