CELTA qualification – Why take CELTA

CELTA qualification

The CELTA Qualification has worldwide recognition

As CELTA is awarded by Cambridge English Language Assessment, part of the University of Cambridge, it is:

  • internationally recognised

  • highly respected

  • a benchmark for quality

  • The Cambridge University CELTA course is the most widely recognised and accepted TESOL certificate.

  • Taking the Cambridge University CELTA qualification means you’ll have the most sought after certificate which will help open doors.

  • Having a Cambridge University certificate will look very impressive on your resume, as no other internationally recognised TESOL course is backed by a world-class university.

The CELTA Qualification helps you gain the skills and knowledge you will need as a teacher

New teachers – CELTA gives you the training you need to become an English language teacher. It is ideal if you are looking for a new career opportunity or wanting a short break in your existing career.

Existing teachers – if you are already working as a teacher and you want to:

  • become a Cambridge certified teacher

  • sharpen your teaching practice

  • prove your ability

  • get a promotion or a better teaching position

The CELTA course is a practical and interactive course

The CELTA course is a practical course, based around controlled in-classroom teaching practice. Trainees are provided with the experience they need to design and run language lessons. Our tutors will help you prepare each class, observe every one of your lessons and give you both oral and written feedback after class. This allows you to experience teaching in a supportive environment and to learn through the feedback process.

  • Modern teaching methodology is about personal interaction, hands-on experience and the students’ ability to take responsibility for their own learning process. The role of the CELTA is to teach to these modern standards of methodology and to experience learning through demonstration and hands-on involvement.

CELTA tutors are extremely experienced

  • Cambridge University criteria require tutors to have at least a minimum of five years teaching experience in a range of different settings. They must have either a Masters of Education in TESOL or a full DELTA qualification, in addition to time spent in teacher development, either through providing talks at teacher training conferences or working internally in a school to provide support for new teachers. A tutor goes through rigorous training as outlined by Cambridge University, providing them with the skills necessary to comply with the demands of the CELTA course.

The CELTA course gives you personal time with your tutor

  • Cambridge University standards are specific and rigid – no tutor can be responsible for more than 6 trainees. Few people have experienced the quality of learning that can occur with so much individual attention and quality time with a tutor.

The CELTA Qualification helps you land new job opportunities

  • The CELTA will enable you to stand out and compete in a high-demand career field. This popular teaching qualification gives you the opportunity to live and work abroad and pursue a highly rewarding teaching career. To help you find that position, you will participate in resume and job interview workshops while on the course.

The CELTA has the largest global reach

The popular teaching CELTA qualification is:

  • accepted by organisations which employ English language teachers throughout the world

  • widely used as a benchmark of basic teaching skills and quality by:

  • English language schools

  • the voluntary sector

  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

  • publishers

  • other educational institutions.

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